02: Editing and RSS Extravaganza
Ep. 02

02: Editing and RSS Extravaganza

Episode description

Podcasting 4 Value

Sorting out editing and RSS and just trying to get better.

Josh tries to sort out an easier editing process. He also creates a functioning RSS feed and a logo...oh yeah and a Title.


Microphone: Samson Q2U

Behringer Preamp


Computer - Linux Mint


Audacity Process:

Mono Recording Channel

Save as ogg quality 8

Noise Reduction - select area of no sound, select all and run reduction


Threshold: -18 db

Noise Floor: -40 db

Ratio: 2:1

Attack Time: 1 sec

Release Time: 1 sec

Truncate Silence - default settings

Add RSS xml file to Podcast Index

Create Apple Podcast Account

Created Logo with wordificator.com